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Forcibly Kissing A Girl Isn’t Molestation! Delhi Cops Reject Complaints.

A Guy named ‘Nikhil’ tried to forcibly kiss a girl while she was walking down the M BLock near barahkhamba ,Cannaught place in Delhi during broad daylight. The incident took place at one of the most crowded places of delhi and while the girl, whose name is not known was being harassed by this ‘Mr. Nikhil’ , the people just stood glued to their places having a sight of the whole chaos.


The girl, who was not even inappropriately dressed, got hold of her culprit and managed to lodge a complaint in written against the same which was consecutively denied three times by the ”Respectable’ Delhi Police (pun very much Intended).


The cops even tried to scare the girls away saying that their parents or relatves be called if they were to be seen again anytime soon intending that they were the real criminals whereas the ‘guy’ who couldn’t keep his lips to himself seeing this girl, was innocent. He also refused to accept the girl’s complaint saying that Kissing isn’t considered molestation. Well, then Mr. cop what else is? If You could please enlighten the girls about what harassment is and do tell the same to your sister, daughter or any female at home.

Celebrating 69 years of freedom this 15th August! Freedom! Really ?