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Forensic Scientists Reveals The Real face Of Jesus Christ

Forensic Scientists Reveals The Real face Of Jesus Christ


No one has ever seen the face of Jesus Christ. Moreover, we also don’t have any real or authentic portrait of how Jesus looked like. Many religious books designed the image of Jesus Christ according to their own methodology.

real face of jesus christ
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But a retired medical artist Richard Neave has recreated the face of ‘Jesus’ by examining Semite skulls using modern day forensic techniques.
Dr. Neave and his team used three semite skulls which were discovered by the Israeli archaeologists.

Then they X-rayed these skulls and used technology to develop the way which shows how the muscles and skin should look. Based on it, they develop a 3D model and a clay bust of Christ.

According to some experts, his depiction or portrait is likely far more accurate than paintings by the different painters. Dr. Neave emphasized the portrait is that of an adult man living at the same time and place as Jesus.

real face of jesus christ
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Dr. Neave used forensic anthropology with the information from the Bible to create this portrait. Computerized tomography was used o create ‘slices’ of the skulls. Necessary measurements were done using specialist programs and turned out how the muscles and skin should look.

The experts built a digital 3D reconstruction of a face. From the first century artwork, they hypothesized Jesus had dark eyes and likely had a beard. The team analyzed skeletal remains of Semite men from the time of Jesus and also researched about the hair of Jesus Christ. They proposed Jesus was likely around 5ft 1inch tall (1.5 meters) and weighed around 110lbs (50kg).

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