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Infotainment Four Countries Which Celebrates August 15th As Independence Day

Four Countries Which Celebrates August 15th As Independence Day


What is Independence in true sense ! There is no definite answer to it and surprisingly there is no exact way to define Independence. Every individual have their own definition of Independence. Every country has their own rituals, their own story behind the struggle they faced while fighting for freedom. India celebrates’s Independence Day on 15th August of every year. But do you know how many other  countries also celebrate independence day on 15 th August ?  We will tell you how many countries are there and how they celebrate their Independence Day.


The Republic Of Congo also known as the Congo Republic, or Congo – Brazzaville is a country located in Central Africa. The country got Independence after a long struggle with France on 15th August 1960. This year The Republic Of Congo will celebrate its 56th year of Independence.

flag of congo republic
The National Flag of Congo Republic

Source :wikipedia

Here is a Video of celebrations in The Republic of Congo.


Korea was liberated by the Allies in 1945, but Independent Koreas was created three years later on 15th August 1948. Korean Independence is called Gwang Bok Joel .And it was officially designated a public holiday in 1949. And it is celebrated by both South and North Korea. Kim – II Sung was made The first Premier of North Korea and Syngman Rhee was elected the first president of South Korea.

Here is the video of the celebration of Korean Independence in 2015.


Bahrain, officially the kingdom of Bahrain also celebrates its Independence  on 15th August on 1971 from The United Kingdom. Bahrain had been ruled by the Arabs and Portugal.

Bahrain flag
The Flag of Bahrain

Source : wonderfulengineering


The National day of Liechtenstein falls on 15th August 1940. The National Day begins with the State act which is celebrated in front of Vaduz Castle. And Prince and President of the Parliament  their own speeches. Then the public is invited to the garden to enjoy drinks with The princely family. In the afternoon, in the centre of Vaduz people gather around to celebrate Fair which continues till early hours of the morning. The celebrations come to an end in the evening, with the  fireworks display above Vaduz Castle which is famous all over the town.

Vaduz castle
The Vaduz Castle of Liechtenstein

Source : bestwallpapers

People gathering around Vaduz Castle
Fair celebrations at Vaduz Castle

Source : deaf

It feels good to know that we celebrate our Independence day with others countries on 15th August.

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