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Four Girls Robbed Salman Khan At A Nightclub In Bandra

The Bhai of Bollywood and the Hearthrob of Millions met with an unlikely incident when Four Girls robbed Salman Khan at a nightclub in Bandra, Mumbai. The Khan who is known for his anger and beating the badass villains in the movies was, quite obviously caught off guard.


Four Pretty ladies walked up to Salman at the respective Nightclub claiming to be his die-hard fans and Salman Khan being Chivalrous enough had a chat with them. But only after his ‘fans’ left Khan realised that his Wallet, his Sunglasses and his famous Bajrangi Bhaijaan pendant were missing.




Although Salman Khan’s bodyguards asked him to lodge a complaint about the incident, the Prem-ful Khan however, refused to file a complaint and asked his security to be increased and tightened.

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