Four under-valued social media trends to dominate in 2021

In this post, we will talk about the basic marketing trends that can be very relevant in 2021. We want to cover every basic marketing trend that has a big impact on the business world during crises. These trends will help your business to get better on any platform – get lots of likes on YouTube videos, go viral on TikTok, etc.

Back to the future: The “old” marketing measures are becoming more relevant again

It may sound paradoxical at first, but in addition to newer marketing and social media trends such as gamification and chatbots, some of the well-known digital measures are in demand again. Why is that?

People are at home a lot and want relevant and profound information. As a result, newsletters and podcasts have again increased enormously: Almost half of the participants in a survey among podcast users named the corona crisis as the decisive factor for increased use. And email usage has meanwhile also increased by 40 percent.

What is exciting is that there has been an increase in voice and video calls as well as webinars at the same time. Companies can use the online measures of the “older semester” more extensively for themselves – and thus appeal to younger target groups.

The established social media platforms are consolidating their position

Any hype about a new network leads to some voices predicting the demise of established networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, the actual development shows something completely different: the importance of the major social networks continues to grow.

You have the capacity to adapt the functions of the new platforms quickly and easily and thus to outperform the competition. This became clear after Instagram added Reels, a new function based on the principle of TikTok. As before, Facebook still has a certain monopoly on data, which results in an advantage for companies in target group targeting that can hardly be changed.

The credo in 2021 will therefore be to intensify rather than dismantle social media measures on established networks.

Transparency and responsibility score points between fake news and conspiracy theories

The year 2020 is unfortunately also one of the conspiracy theories and misinformation on the internet. Fortunately, most users still know the only antidote that helps here: information and education.

Companies that share these values ​​and are committed to doing so score points these days. It will become increasingly important to select content and influencers based on authenticity, transparency and responsibility. At the same time, these principles must of course also be lived in the corporate culture.

Future First: Communities and brands are sustainable

Finally, the most important thing: The strongest trend is the political positioning of companies. Marketers are realizing that Generation Z and upcoming Generation Alpha are socially and environmentally conscious. In order to pick up on these, it is necessary to deal more intensively with topics such as inclusion, social justice, mental health, equality and, last but not least, environmental and climate protection.