2 days after the Terrorist attack in Paris and militant group ISIS taking responsiblity for the massacre, French Governement has already unleashed their anger upon the terror group to seek revenge for innocent lives.

A sum of 20 bombs were dropped over Raqqa, Syria this sunday night to avenge the attack in Paris on Friday, 13th November. And this has by far been the most aggressive attack on ISIS camps by France, which until now had been restricted with its airstrikes on Iraq only and only occasionally bombing syria.

French President François Hollande has vowed to be “unforgiving with the barbarians” following the attack. The raid comprised of 12 Aircrafts including 10 fighter jets aided by the US. the raid successfully struck to destroy two ISIS bases in Raqqa which were known to be their capital.

Sources from Raqqa have confirmed the destruction of a museum and othe rbuildings in an urban area but have also denied any casualities so far. The complete extent of the Damage is still unkown.

What are your opinions on this counter-attack by the french? Let us know!

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