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French Election 2017: Sikhs Would Not Be Allowed To Wear Turbans If Marine Le Pen Wins

French voters are casting their ballots in the first round of the Presidential Election 2017. The result would not only effects France but the whole European Union. Marine Le Pen and her party the National Front (FN) currently predicted to be positioned second in the run-up to the elections. Le Pen is frequently being compared to American president Donald Trump. Her views on the visibility of religious symbols have raised questions about secularism.

According to the Indian Express, When asked if Sikhs would be allowed to keep turbans if she became president, she replied with a stern ‘no’ adding that “we don’t have a lot of Sikhs in France. We’ve got some. But we don’t really hear much from them or about them. Which is good news.”

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Marine Le Pen
Source: Indian Express

Both the headscarf for Muslims and the turban for Sikhs play the same role, that of marking a religious identity. According to The Telegraph, Poll suggests Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron and former economy minister, were in the lead.

But Francois Fillon, a former prime minister, seemed to be closing the gap. Commentators have suggested that low voter turnout would benefit far-right candidate Le Pen.

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