Kartik Aaryan Signs Three Film With Eros Worth Rs 75 Crores

Top banner Eros has locked Pyar Ka Punchnama actor Kartik Aaryan for three films, paying Rs 25 crore for each.
News A Place Where Frog Weddings is a Common Practice to Bring Rainfall,...

A Place Where Frog Weddings is a Common Practice to Bring Rainfall, Incredible India!

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Who don’t love marriages? Tasty food corners, songs, dance and traditional wear in short a venture of great enjoyment and happiness all around. But have ever attended a marriage of a Frog? Yes, you read it right! A marriage of a Frog. No, it’s not a fake thing it actually happens in a Dibrugarh district of Assam, India where Frog weddings are the common practice to bring rainfall.

The Frog marriages are organized to please the Hindu Rain God Indra Dev. Hundreds of village folk, young and old, boys and girls gathered at community hall till late at night to attend this unusual marriage. Actually, there is a mythological belief among Hindus that if wild frogs caught by people are married off with Vedic rites and traditional marriage rituals like human beings, it can help bring rainfall in the coming days. 

Therefore, thousands of farmers gathered to organize these frog marriages in order to eradicate the crisis such as drought like situation, dust storm, and dry wave. The marriage was organized to please the God Indra Dev as in Hindus Indra Dev is a God of rain. By doing so, the people of this place expect the rainfall to come soon. 

Incredible India!!

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