This Village In Jharkhand Is Burning From The Last 20 Years

Yes, to your deep agony, a village in Jharkhand is continuously burning by noxious fumes coming out of a coal mine. If the matter doesn’t sound that serious then let us tell you that the chemical fumes are as high as a three storey building.

Kujjuo-Collieries mines, the burning village Jharkhand is continuously burning from the last 2 decades, putting the lives of 4,500 people in danger. The fire has been burning even before the year 2000 but what added the fuel to it is Central Coalfields limited (CCL) which is actually a subsidiary of coal India Limited.

When CCL opened the mine, the fire came in contact with air and started spreading constantly. “Residents here complain of respiratory and skin problems, constant headaches, and many other ailments. But where can we go?” says Lakhan, a worker from the mines.

Moreover, the residents of the area, mainly, the marginalized community of workers have nowhere else to go except back into the coal mines. “You think anyone wants to die like this? But we are poor people with nowhere to go. The government tells us to move, but is not making any arrangements for us either,” says Kishore Singh, a resident of this burning village Jharkhand.

burning village Jharkhand, burning from last 2 decades

“CCL wants to just do a patch up work and put an end to this problem. But unless they cut the chunk of coal the fire will continue spreading – across the highway, railways and our homes.” he continued.

Jharkhand has also become the home to many of the India’s largest coal mines but the coal which these mines contains, contains many harmful elements like arsenic and mercury which are lethal enough for any human.

a truck in the burning village Jharkhand

Even though in a very small percentage, if enough coal is burned and such elements are released then the radioactive waste produced will be even more than that by a nuclear power.

Many organizations and people are helping the Kujjuo-Collieries mines’ residents to escape from the area but they still need more help to survive and escape.

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