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From Making Horns To Designing Aston Martin For James Bond, The Story Of Dilip Chhabria Is Absolute Inspiration

Car Design, particularly car modifications and prospects plans, are very rarely discussed in India. What’s unexpected is the way that one of our era’s most famous and advanced car planners is especially an Indian. Dilip Chhabria, the organizer of the widely acclaimed DC Designs, is the man we are discussing.


For about two decades now, Chhabria has been at the exemplification of kickass car mods and idea plans. In any case, you would be astonished to realize that he never considered designing cars professionally. In the wake of acquiring a degree in commerce, Chhabria was one day going through a car magazine and unearthed an advertisement saying ‘don’t you want to be a car designer‘. That was the point at which he gathered his bags and went to study car designing at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, US. He mastered in transportation design. He then worked quickly with General Motors and soon understood that he wasn’t intended to construct a center or a handle. He took off and arrived back in India.


Chhabria’s instruction and vision was so ahead of time that Tata and Mahindra couldn’t comprehend what he applied for. He then asked his wealthy father who possessed an electronic business to help him out. He was then given a little space in his father’s manufacturing plant, 3 men as staff and a month’s great opportunity to demonstrate his strength. Chhabria made a replacement horn for Premier Padmini car and it sold beyond his belief.


He excelled in a month than his father made in a year. Dilip now had the manufacturing plant to himself and his business up and running. In 1992, Dilip surprisingly showed his ability by modifying a Gypsy. He then worked on the Armada and developed the design for the first Scorpio.


At that point came the DC Avanti. The rear wheel drive 2 door sports coupe is considered to be India’s first ever supercar. The car resembles a Lamborghini and is powered by a 2 litre petrol-engine.


In 2003 Chhabria designed the gizmo-packed James Bond films staple Aston Martin DB-8.  The model was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the same year. Ever since then, his designs have earned a meticulous reputation and still remains the top player in car designs and car mods in India.

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