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High Life From Ram Rahim To Asaram Bapu, Here is The List Of Famous...

From Ram Rahim To Asaram Bapu, Here is The List Of Famous Babas And Their Sex Scandals

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Some Indian Babas have made it to the headlines, not because of spirituality and well-being they profess but because of sexual abuse they did. We will take a look at few of these Swami’s who have attracted controversies or committed the sexual crime.

Asaram Bapu

Babas And Their Sex Scandals
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Asaram Bapu was born in Sind in undivided India. He has over 425 ashrams and more than 50 Gurukuls across the country. In 2013, a case of sexual assault was registered against him in New Delhi.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Babas And Their Sex Scandals
Source: The Indian Express

Actually, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s name has figured in many criminal cases. But the most controversial is one in which he is accused of rape multiple times by one of his followers.

Swami Nityanand

Babas And Their Sex Scandals
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Swami has devotees on a broader international scale. He was seen with a female Tamil actor in an unpleasant state on a special telecast by a South Indian TV channel. He himself denied his involvement in the sex scandal.

Swayambhu Baba Shiv Dwivedi

Babas And Their Sex Scandals
Source: India Today

Swayambhu Baba ran a sex racket in Delhi. Also, he was arrested under MCOCA for flesh trade. Apart from his real name, he is also known as Sant Swami Bheemanand and Maharaj Chitrakootwaale.

Bikram Choudhury

Babas And Their Sex Scandals
Source: YogaDork

Remember Hot Yoga!! yes, the man behind it, Bikram Choudhary is also accused of sex charges. There are many cases of rape and sexual harassment against him.


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