From Renting Wives To Princess In Brothel, Here Are Some S*xual Traditions Of Ancient China That May Surprise You

There is no denying that Chinese culture is way different from others. Especially the traditions of Ancient China. Which were not only graphics, porcelain, poetry, and martial arts. But also includes sexual tradition. These customs are no longer relevant. But the Chinese sacredly honor their history and remember the way of life of their ancestors regarding intimate relationships. So here are some traditions of ancient China That will really surprise you.

Sexual Traditions Of Ancient China

The Wanderer’s Wife

For the first time, the famous Venetian traveler Marco Polo spoke about this tradition in the 13th century. One day, while traveling through the Middle Kingdom he stopped at an inn. The hospitable host offered not only dinner and lodging for the night but also his wife, assuring that she would “fulfill all desires.”The traveler was surprised to see that the Chinese wife accepted his proposal with great enthusiasm. Later, having repeatedly encountered this custom, Marco Polo realized that in the north of China this is a completely common phenomenon.

The brothel was the legal institution

In ancient China, a brothel was a completely legal institution, and the owners of such a business were respected people in society. Brothels could be both the most miserable, for commoners, and fashionable, where even a high-ranking official was not ashamed to look. Chinese princesses themselves did not miss the opportunity to spend the night in the “house of debauchery.”

Sexual Traditions Of Ancient China

Princess Brothel

It is known for sure that Princess Shang-Yuyin from the Shang Dynasty, who lived in the 10th century, had a personal room in one of the expensive brothels. In addition to her were thirty young guys who were supposed to please only the imperial daughter. At the same time, historians claim that the workers of this male escort served Shang-Yuin at the same time. In ancient China, male prostitution was as common as female prostitution, and the fact that the princess had her own bed in a brothel was also not considered bad

Sex Tutorials

Everyone has probably heard of the Kama Sutra. But few people know that this Indian sex manual was not unique in its kind. In ancient China, it was customary to give newlyweds wedding colorfully designed instructions on silk fabric, which described various love techniques. In fact, some of the illustrations are group sex positions with five or more people! Thanks to such pictures in books for newlyweds, as we can conclude that polygamy in Chinese families was common, and there were special ideas about marital fidelity.

Sexual Traditions Of Ancient China

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