From Taj Mahal To Statue Of Liberty World Tourist Attractions Taken From An Extremely Unfavorable Angles

We often get attracted to world-famous buildings. Because we see them from the most favorable angle. However, the reality is sometimes out of our imagination. Therefore we manage to show the main man-made beauties of the planet from a bird’s eye view, and their magnificence was revealed in a completely new way. So if you sneak up on them from a completely unexpected side, then you will get to know how the pictures taken from the extremely unfavorable angles spoil the majesty of the building. For example, the Taj Mahal is constantly photographed in such a way that in the foreground there is a pool in which the palace is reflected. But have you ever imagined the Colosseum from other angles?. If not then. Let’s take a look.

Taj Mahal

The Indian Taj Mahal is located in a poor province and contrasts sharply with its typical landscapes.

Volgograd  statue

Sculpture “Motherland is calling!” in Volgograd is worth admiring only from specially designated places.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was adjacent to a large-scale industrial zone.

Pyramid of Cheops from Giza

View of the Pyramid of Cheops from Giza Street.

Moscow City business center

Moscow City business center in this photo is not so easy to identify.

 Angkor Wat

Behind the world-famous Hindu temple complex Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a swamp ripples

Las Vegas

Las Vegas exclusively at night and preferably from the ground.


Some kind of rails approaches the Parthenon from the back side.

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