Trending Funniest Mum-Son WhatsApp Chats We All Can Relate To

Funniest Mum-Son WhatsApp Chats We All Can Relate To

WhatsApp is surely the best chatting platform out there, it is always fun to live with friends and chat all the time. People on WhatsApp actually represents their true nature which can be quite funny sometimes, just like that here are some great chats of Indian modern mummies who do care about their children but do it too much extra and provide us a great laughter:

1. The After LOL tragedy


2. Chalo NAZA chale!!!


3. Beta class mein phone mat uthana


4. The Nazar!!!


5. Lafandar dost


6. Sab mobile phone ki galti hai


7. Really very important


8. Maar Zukarbug!!


9. Never ever stops comparing


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