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Funny Indian Daily Life Memes That Couldn’t Be More True

These Funny Daily Life Memes from Indian Boi is as good as it gets and definitely couldn’t be anymore true! Hope you have a Great time having a real hard laugh at all of these!

Friends before Every exam be like..boi5_converted


Indian moms can take everything but this… Oh No!boi4_converted

Indian Dads be just like this… 


Those time when mum calls..


This has happened to you.. hasn’t it? 😛


Indians *Facked* be like..


Indian moms and mobile? Nah uh!



Yeah! We Good In Class… only not when…boi8_converted


You know you are an Indian When…


Men ‘Everywhere’ be like..boi10_converted

What we deserve? Let’s leave it right there!


Eh Goud Lawff iz Wat Meks R Dae! 😀

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