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News By 2047, This Is What Computers Will Be Able To Do

By 2047, This Is What Computers Will Be Able To Do

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After thousands of years in the future there might be a competition for power between computers and life. As computers become more powerful they will grow more intelligent. Masayoshi Son, CEO Softbank Robotics, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has forecasted that in 30 years from now, artificial intelligence in all the machines will exceed human intelligence which may cause a uniqueness.

By 2047, The IQ of a single computer chip will be 10,000 which is greater than the most intelligent people in the world (The genius human beings have only an IQ of about 200). Interestingly, in thirty years, our shoes will have one of the chips which will be smarter than our brain.

future of computers

Artificial intelligence will be able to live on its own. The basis of this prediction simply based on the number of transistors and neurons. According to Son, Brain and computers works according to the binary system (on and off). He predicted, by 2018, the number of transistors will exceed the number of neurons in the brain but the number of neurons will remain same in the human beings because we are affected by continuous development and metamorphosis to change.

Singularity in computers
Source: The Odyssey Online

The number of transistors is increasing rapidly in the case of computers. Over the next 30 years, there will be million times more transistors in computers. SoftBank also separately purchased ARM Holdings, last year, which is the largest mobile chip designer on earth at the moment.

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