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“Shaadi Karungi Toh Sirf Rahul Se” Before Making Fun Of This Post Know The Truth About This Lady

We all are born with imperfections, nobody is perfect. The one thing we all need to understand is God made us like that no one has right to make fun of anyone’s weakness. If they do so they are nothing but mentally ill. Today we are talking about Gabourey Sidibe.  Probably you don’t know about her but you may have seen her photos in the Facebook posts.
If you remember there are posts featuring a black and fat lady with captions, “Shaadi Karungi Toh Sirf Rahul Se” … Rohit Se….Rohan Se…Abhishek Se… and etc. People make fun of their friends by tagging them in such posts. Mostly Gabourey Sidibe’s photos are being used for this act. However, these people may don’t know about her and if once they will come to know about her achievements they will seek for her autograph instead of making fun of her.
Gabourey is an American actress born in 1983. She started her career in 2009 with film Precious and just with her first film she got nominated for Oscar Awards in the best role category. She was also got nominated for a prestigious award like Golden Globe.
She is a famous American actress. She had worked in various series of popular American television drama Horror Story. Her father was a migrant from Senegal and her mother was a taxi-driver. After the divorce of her parents, Gabourey lived with her aunt. She graduated from a prestigious college of New York, Mercy College.
People make fun of Gabourey not in India but in her native country USA too. But she says, “she has no time for body shamers”. In her very intelligent and sarcastic statement, she said, ” last night while traveling in my private jet towards my dream job I started crying thinking about the indecent comments people made on me.”
By her this statement she showed her body shamers that she is doing her dream job and is successful in that. You go girl, power to you!


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