Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide in Mumbai

Anupama Pathak has allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Dahisar Mumbai. The 40-year-old actress reportedly committed suicide.
Infotainment Gandhi's Experiments? All a Quest to Not to Get Sexually Aroused!

Gandhi’s Experiments? All a Quest to Not to Get Sexually Aroused!

Mahatma Gandhi has always been referred to as the BAPU of the Nation. He is celebrated nation wide for his struggle for independent India. And no doubt he did a lot, that some of us could not even think about! But as much as he is idealized, it should not be taken easy, when we say that he did something that we really could not even think about!

gandhi660_060813074857We all have read about Gandhi and his Experiments in our text books, but never was there a mention about what these experiments actually were! Until several decades, we kept on believing that those experiments were something pertaining to the freedom struggle! It was then almost 4-5 years before, that one of Gandhi’s disciples, Manuben’s diary was found out, though written in Gujarati, later translated which revealed the truth about these experiments!

The diary revealed how Gandhi in his late 70s used to lay down naked or take naked baths with naked teenage girls to see if he could control his sexual arousal! His “celibacy” was so, that the girls considered it to be a privilege and used to get “jealous” of each other to spend time with him!

Decades after Manuben’s death, India Today got access to her diaries that reveal the psychological impact of Gandhi’s experiment with his sexuality on his companions. Manuben in one of her diaries mentions, “I requested Bapu to allow me to sleep separately from today”, writes Manuben in one of her diaries. Being a teenage girl and writing so deeply about the protection of her identity completely tells us the psychological torment that his attendants used to go through!

gandhiabha660_060813083103He had been so God like to his disciples that not just Father, they used to consider him his Mother. Such was his influence and such was his  push that the girls could not stop but suspend themselves to him! Remember history is always written by someone, it was never born naturally! And what the history today possesses are only those instances that people were made aware then!

Let’s not idealize someone so much that their hidden traces become their building blocks of survival!

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