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Entertainment Bollywood Actor And Choreographer Ganesh Acharya's is Married to This Beautiful Actress,...

Bollywood Actor And Choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s is Married to This Beautiful Actress, Unseen Pictures!

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In Bollywood, there are many other beautiful faces who are not related to the acting world but with the people who belong to it. Today we will tell you about the wife of a celebrity who is very beautiful. We are talking about none other than Ganesh Acharya who is a famous Bollywood choreographer and actor.

He was born on June 14, 1971. He is a renowned Bollywood choreographer. He also did a few films. His wife’s name is Vidhi Acharya. Ganesh debuted in the Bollywood approximately 20 years ago. When Ganesh was 10, his father died, which plunged his family into financial crisis and forced Ganesh to give up his studies. He later moved on to Cuttack, Orissa. Then he started learning the art of dancing from his sister. Ganesh started his own dance group at the age of 12, became a choreographer at 19 and worked in his first film, Anaam (1992) at 21.

Recently a photo of Ganesh has been doing the rounds on the internet. The fat Ganesh is looking totally transformed as he lost immense weight as seems. Ganesh is married to Vidhi Acharya. She is a beautiful lady and very attractive. Vidhi was also seen in the film ‘Hey Bro’.

Now she looks like this after losing weight

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