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News 'Gaumutra Party' To Fight Against Coronavirus, The Truth Behind Drinking Cow Urine...

‘Gaumutra Party’ To Fight Against Coronavirus, The Truth Behind Drinking Cow Urine And Gobar Cakes

At this time, the pandemic of coronavirus covering the whole world is the biggest terror for most of us. Most of the humans are well aware of this and we hope that we can get out of this bad time together.

gaumutra party

While we are mostly staying at home and keeping ourselves safe, some are partying with special Gaumutra shots. Yes, you heard it right. They know the remedy for coronavirus before doctors… Have a look at the poster of this LIT event:-

The name of this organization is Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha and they organized a Gaumutra Party, to ‘neutralize the effect of coronavirus’.

Chakrapani Maharaj, the national head of ABHM said in an interview with The Print (Click here for the proof), having cow dung, urine, etc will help people fight coronavirus.

Before moving to the Netizens reactions let me tell you that this is nothing more than a random shit. While the biggest scientists are struggling to find the cure of coronavirus, they said if it were as easy as having Gaumutra, they would have definitely advised it to the patients.

However, Here is what netizens say on social media:

Gaumutra Shots And Gobar Cakes

Gobar cakes!!!

Neet or with Soda?

And you know why there was rain past two days, THE GODS WERE CRYING SEEING THIS…” Pagalparrot hopes for your good health, meanwhile stay safe and stay aware.

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