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Trending Big Boss 10: Ex-Contestant Gaurav Chopra Finally Confesses About His Relationship With...

Big Boss 10: Ex-Contestant Gaurav Chopra Finally Confesses About His Relationship With Bani J

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Big Boss 10 seized many controversies and gossips all around. One such flick was Gaurav Chopra’s relation with Bani J. Bothe of them hold a very warm relationship of friendship or maybe more than that! Gaurav Chopra is now evicted from the house and he shared a good rapport with most of his co-contestants who fondly called him Shamitabh for his macho voice.

Talking about the bond he shared with Bani J, it was special as it became an integral part of his journey and also a highlight of the season. They found fighting, criticizing, caring and snapping on each other on the show. However, Gaurav proved his friendship at each and every step and stood by Bani all the times.

During an exclusive Facebook Live Chat with the TOI, when asked, If he loves Bani?

He replied, “This is not the right platform to answer such kind of questions.” He further said, “A part of me is still inside the house (Bani). I will keep supporting her from outside and I hope she will do her bit inside the house. Bani and I are two very different individuals, but we shared a very strong bond. I always felt protected towards her. I think when you share a close bond with someone you automatically start caring about them and their mood. We had a lot of cute moments inside the house. We also shared a lot of code words which she used to whisper in my ears during our fight and walk away and only we understood it. I don’t know if it was shown or not but there were times when I was upset or sad and she used to cook sweet paratha or roll for me. It was a big deal for me because we all know how attached she is to food and if she is making something special for me while doing her stuff, what else I could have asked for.”

source: TOI

Hmm! Gaurav going good!

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