Nusrat Jahan Gets Death Threats After Posing As Goddess Durga

Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan receives death threats over her latest post, where she posed as Goddess Durga. 
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Get A Slim Sexy Waist In Just A Week And Yes Its Possible

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Do you too badly wish for an Hourglass sexy figure just like your favorite actress? Well, we all do! But the Good news is that its totally possible and achievable. However, I’m afraid this won’t tell you something new or a magic trick to get that Slim Sexy Waist but yes if you follow these simple tips, success is guaranteed 🙂 shall we begin? Here we Go!

1. Let Go! Bring a Change in Your diet.


Give up those fad diets and carbs and sweets! There’s no solution to that. Change your diet to more of whole grain, fruits and vegetables. Remember to balance out the fruits as they too contain sugar, too much of which can be counterproductive.

2. Water! 


Water is your saviour. Drink more water around 2-3 litres everyday. Keep a bottle of measured volume with yourself at all times and keep sipping it through the day even if you are at work. It will also make you feel full and help you binge for food less. Plus it will be an added bonus for your hair and skin.

3. Improve Quality and Diminish Quantity


Now this is very important as we often make mistakes in this part. Make sure to eat healthy foods but that too only the quantity which is necessarily required by your body. Switch to smaller bowls and plates as it can psychologically help you to eat lesser than you normally do.

4. Exercise!


No Pain No Gain! Its true! Burn those extra calories with a good run or hit the gym for a session of cross fit everyday. It all depends upon your stamina. But even if you are currently low on stamina, no worries! It will build sooner with good diet and healthy routine. And Don’t Give Up! Your body can go as far as your mind can push it!

5. Work on your chest and Shoulders


Work more on your chest and shoulders. A proper upper body frame will make you look leaner at the waist. Consider these chest and shoulder exercises.

6. Clothing! 


It is one fail-safe way is to draw attenion to your waist. For this you can also use a belt to give your waist a definite and slimmer look. Your belt can be wide or thin or braided depending upon your outfit. This will give an illusion of an hour glass figure.

You can start with the clothing tip right away. Make sure to follow these tips strictly for a week and we hope you get the best results. Good Luck! Post your comments and let us know what you think or was it helpful or even if you have any other tip that you may like us to add, feel free to write to us at our page on  facebook or twitter! 🙂

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