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High Life Ghost Filmed Pedalling Exercise Bike In Gym Is The Proof Of Life...

Ghost Filmed Pedalling Exercise Bike In Gym Is The Proof Of Life After Death?

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Do you believe in Ghosts or Afterlife? If not, here is the video that appears to show a ghost pedalling an exercise bike in a gym in the Mexico has been welcomed as proof of the ghosts. The video A ghost using an exercise bike in a gym in Mexico was uploaded by YouTube channel Paranormal Globe.

The video shows the bike pedaling all by itself (no one is sitting on the machine), therefore some people suspect it could be a ghost.

Also, if you believe in ghosts, you are not alone. Many cultures around the globe believe in spirits and ghosts. Interestingly, people have tried to or affirmed to communicate with ghosts for ages.

ghosts are real

There are just too many interesting pieces of evidence and stories, accumulated over years now, that it’s hard for us to believe why the subject of ghosts still does not incite much interest in researchers.

According to the well-known demonologist, Mr. Edward Warren, there are entities which are also non-human in nature; these inhuman spirits come under the category of demons and devils. Every proof or evidence that we seek is bounded by our laws of science.

Also, there are lots of edited or unedited videos and photographs but unfortunately basic question still exists.

Are Ghosts Real?

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