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Daughter Used to Say “There is Someone Who Lives Along With me in The House” Nobody Believed And on One Day…

Stories about ghosts anbd their existence are not new. There are number of stories and incidents that people told about the ghosts. Some people believe in ghosts and some don’t but sometimes something unexpected and astounding happens that make us believe that such things actually exist.

Today we will tell you about a story which is scary yet interesting. This story is related to 31 years old Elen McMonagle of South Lancashire. Recently at her house at Hamilton, she was viewing some old pictures of her old house which was at Alexandria through Google street view. She suddenly notice a face of an unknown child in the pictures sitting around a window, which shocked her.

This scared her. She lived in that house for 5 years along with her daughter. Her daughter Helly always used to say that ‘there is someone who lives along with them in the house’. She also told that someone’s name, his name was Johny. But her mother thought as she is a kid she is telling her own stories and ignored what she said about Johny.

But after seeing the old pictures, she believed what her daughter said. Helly told that Johny used to play with her and sleep with her on the ame bed. Then Ellen said, we also started noticing some unusual incidents in the house that made us believe that something is going wrong at the place.

Then Ellen told when she was a child she also witnessed such scary ghostly experiences. Her mother used to tell her that she talks with dead people. Helly was experiencing the same things that were experienced by her mother Ellen during her childhood.

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