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Bollywood Stars Who Have Experienced Incidents of Ghosts in Real Life

God exists and so as the ghosts. But still, there are some people in this world who don’t believe in ghosts and spirits. They think it’s just myth which has been created to scare people. On the other side, there are people who believe in the existence of ghosts. They claim to have experienced the presence of ghosts at some point in their life. And guess what! Some of our Bollywood stars fall in the category two as they claimed they have seen ghosts.

1) Emraan Hashmi

He along with his friends visited a hotel with hardly any guests. Later in the night, they heard some haunting mysterious screams. The whole night the screams continued. Next morning, the first thing they did was shifting to another hotel.

2) Bipasha Basu

She claims to have experienced several ghostly incidents while shooting films like Raaz and Gunah. During the shooting of Raaz the hotel where they stayed was haunted and interestingly, it is still close.

3) Soha Ali Khan

During the shooting of Gang of Ghosts, Soha Ali Khan along with co-actress Mahi Gill experienced paranormal activities. As they felt danger, the whole cast and crew packed their bags and shifted to another place.

4) Neil Nitin Mukesh

While shooting for 3G at a haunted place, a lightman told the cast and crew that he saw a ghost. Neil Nitin Mukesh said that at first they didn’t believe him but when the lightman sat down trembling like a leaf, they had to listen to him.

5) Nawazuddin Siddiqui

While the shoot of film Aatma, the director of the film felt that the photo frame behind Nawazuddin was slightly crooked. Later the photo frame broke down by falling without any effect of wind whereas the nail was intact.

6) Govinda

Govinda was shooting for one of his film in a hilly area. While sleeping in his hotel room, he suddenly woke up in the midnight to see an old woman sitting on his chest. When he turned on the bedside lamp, the woman disappeared He told that,

“I got so scared that I ran for my life that night and only stopped when I had reached Mumbai. Whenever I recall that incidence, I get goose-bumps.”

7) Varun Dhawan

He shared that while shooting for the film ABCD 2 when he stayed in a Las Vegas hotel, the hotel suite he was given is said to be the favorite place of legendary singer Frank Sinatra who’s spirit is still there. He said,

“The suite was definitely haunted because at night I would hear someone singing and the doors would just fling open.”

8) Ranveer Sing

He told,

“It was a very trippy experience and I completely freaked out. I recall it as one of the most difficult days of the shoot. I thought I felt some kind of presence and something told me it’s him… I had a tough task ahead of me on that day of the shoot and I was praying hard to get it right. There was a black wall on the sets on which some white dust had settled and formed the pattern in the shape of Bajirao’s figure. It had the turban, the eyes, nose, the mooch and the arms. The resemblance was for all to see.”

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