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High Life Girl Beats Up Boyfriend In The Middle Of The Road For Not...

Girl Beats Up Boyfriend In The Middle Of The Road For Not Gifting Her A Phone With Whatsapp And 4G !

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Hillarious ! Isn’t it couples fight yes? We know that but in this unusual case a girl beats up her boyfriend  in the middle of a road in Agra and created a ruckus. You want to know the reason ? just because he did not gift her a phone with Whatsapp and 4G which she demanded from him.The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon at the 100-feet road in Kalandi Vihar area of Itmad-ud-daula police jurisdiction.

A girl beating her boyfriend
Credit : Times Of India

According to sources, the girl had an old Nokia phone.When she got to know that her boyfriend got a job in a private firm she said that she wants a new phone  to be in touch with him, her boyfriend hesitated first and said that he will send a phone from Nainital where he works.

phone with Whatsapp
Credit :Alley opp

when he gifted her a normal phone the girl got angry and started slapping him in the middle of the road and the local public rushed to the scene and called the police to handle the situation, then the police came and took them to the police station.Speaking to TOI, station officer of Itmad-uddaula Shatrunjay Singh said, “We detained the couple to avoid any further conflict and called their parents to resolve the matter. Later, the parents of both took them to their homes.”

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