High Life This Girl Gave Brilliant Response to a Boy Who Asked For Her...

This Girl Gave Brilliant Response to a Boy Who Asked For Her Naked Photo

Social media is a platform where women get slut shaming comments from some cheap boys whenever they post something. They use to abuse and bother them from their vulgar comments which let girls or women block them forever. However, a girl from New Zealand named Par did something very extraordinary before blocking a guy who was bothering her on the social media platform.

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She fulfilled the filthy demand of one of the users on her social media accounts in a most unusual way. This even let user praise Par’s brilliant presence of mind. This was the post from last year’s January 6. Par told how a user demanded a naked photo of her. The boy said to Par that he wanted to see her naked completely. On this Par replied, OK! Just wait for a second. Then she sent a photo to him. This photo included nothing but just a sign of loading.

The boy thought she actually sent her naked photo to her but it is not loading due to low-speed Internet. Therefore, he wrote, “It is not loading, send it again.” Par again sent the picture with loading sign and asked, Did you get that? Then boy replied, No, I think I need to buy a new phone. The boy actually thought due to some problem in his phone, the picture failed to download but after getting the truth he replied, LOL happily!

Par said the boy didn’t get at first that he got trolled.


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