Infotainment SHAME! Girl Raped By 33 Men And The Video Wents Viral On...

SHAME! Girl Raped By 33 Men And The Video Wents Viral On Social Media

Heights of Inhumanity, the real anger which hides in the minds of people actually came out when just a 16-year-old girl was raped by 33 men in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. 

“When I woke up, there were 30 guys or so on me,” says the teenager after waking up. The words intolerable enough to wake the outcry in the whole country really forced every person to come out with banners and ask for justice.

Teenage Girl Raped By 33 Men

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The incident took place on May 20, five days before the girl was discovered but what’s more shocking is that it went viral on social media before. YES! you heard right, “they crushed the chick”, “made a tunnel out of her, more than 30” and “With more than 30, [she got] pregnant.” are the words which the attackers said in the video which they uploaded on Twitter showing the girl naked lying unconscious.

Moreover, people were also found joking about the incident on the social media.

@michelbrazil7 is the Twitter account on which this video was shared and the place where people can take out their anger. Although 33 people committed the unforgivable crime but till now only 4 of them has been identified and their arrest warrant has also been introduced.

Girl Raped By 33 Men in Brazil

This incident has really like paused the lives of Brazil and is terrible enough to force anyone to think about it a thousand times that whether these sexual violence attacks are ever gonna stop?

Moreover, “I just want to go home” are the words of the teenager which she said to doctors when she woke up and got to know about what has actually happened to her.

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