Girls! Here Are Reasons Why You Should Marry a “Man With The Beard”.

In this era of fashion freaks, here are some signs that you can set a trend by avoiding trends too. We know that before a couple of years the trend of beard was quite unpopular. But some guys were strict to their own rules and fashions. Slowly and gradually the beard becomes popular again. Many guys love to grow a beard and many ladies are a die-hard fan of beard.

So, coming down to our topic, here are some points that why a girl should marry a man with the beard:


Yes, there is a fact that in the bygone era the beard was considered as the symbol of power and honour of a man. In Punjab’s history and present also, moustaches are considered as man’s honour. In the Middle Ages, just touching another man’s beard was offensive and grounds for a duel. Moreover, in Sikh religion also the beard and moustaches are must for a man as it is the symbol of honour for them.

His Beard Keeps Him Wrinkle-Free

As we know that sun causes up to 90% signs of ageing. But those who have the beard don’t need to worry about this, because research proved that beard blocks the 95% of UV rays coming from the sun. So your man will have wrinkle-free and baby-smooth skin inside his beard.

He Has Clear Skin

Yes, it is quite obvious that if he will not shave and razor, sun rays are not going to affect his skin. Moreover, his skin is not going to be getting hurt by razor again and again because he will trim his beard not shave. So, you will get a guy with clear skin.

He looks Much Older And Sophisticated

Research proved that the guys with the beard look 8 years older than the clean-shaved guys. They look more smart and mature than others so it means getting both the benefits at the same time.

He Scares Away The Bad Guys

Indeed, bearded men are born warriors. The man with the beard looks more intimidating to other men. Perhaps beard makes the jawline look bigger so they look more aggressive when they are angry. But his lady knows that he is cup-cake from inside and can walk into streets at night holding his hand with no fears and with confidence.

He is Trendy

I think i don’t have any need to explain this point further. Ladies know that the popularity of bearded guys is on the peak nowadays.

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