TV actress caught Red-Handed in NCB raid, arrested with Drug Peddlers

The team of Narcotics Control Bureau has once again made arrests in the drugs case related to the death of Bollywood actor...
High Life Girls! Leave These Habits If You Don't Want To Be Used By...

Girls! Leave These Habits If You Don’t Want To Be Used By Others

Needless Self- Sacrifice

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You suppress your own needs for the sake of peace, but the world doesn’t notice it. When people offend you, you feel uncomfortable in front of them. This will inevitably mean that people will hurt you over and over again.

Don’t be afraid to tell the world you don’t like. Actually, it cost people nothing to meet you halfway. Otherwise your needless self- sacrifice wouldn’t be noticed by anyone at all.

Lack of Self-Respect

Self- Respect is a must. If you don’t respect yourself people will not respect you. Respect everyone, if anyone is not respecting you back then leave him. You deserve respect and they should respect you. If someone behaves like they don’t give a damn about you, it means they really don’t. Don’t look for excuses for rude people they don’t deserve that.

Seeking Approval From Others

You should stop waiting for praise. You don’t need to be told that you are a good person. Also don’t be scared of criticism. People will criticize you for many things but remember one thing which only matters is what you are thinking about yourself.

Showing Off

Emphasizing your victories can lead to a dependent relationship. Trying to convince others that you are a good person, you will end up getting rejected. Instead, you can show you are worth something only by believing in yourself and being yourself. you know your value and you don’t need to prove it to anyone.


Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

You don’t want to upset anyone even if it makes you unhappy. You pretended everything to be okay just to prevent others from worrying. As a result, you are never satisfied. Don’t be afraid to say “no”. Help others only when you want.


Being Deaf To Your Interests

Don’t be shy to express your interests otherwise, you always have to compromise and work according to others interests. So, tell straight away if you don’t like or don’t want to something.


You Don’t Limit What Acceptable

You forgive others just because it’s easier to do so than to stand up for yourself. When other people show disrespect to you, you find an excuse for them.

Instead, you need to determine the limits of acceptable behaviour and don’t let others overstep these boundaries. Remember, people who agree to anything are not respected.


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