Today we are telling you about a place where girls remain virgin for life. It is not that girls are not married here or girls themselves do not want to get married. Here the girls want to get married but the circumstances are such that they do not get married. 

Here the number of men is very less, so they do not get boys to marry. In this village, the girls yearn for the boys and this concern keeps haunting them all the time. This village is in Brazil. The total population of women in this village is 600, out of which about 300 girls have not got boys. 

All these 300 girls are in the age group of 18 to 30 years. Actually the girls of this village want the boys to work according to them. The men of this village and the boys above 18 years of age work only in the city away from the village, so the girls here do all the work from farming to household.

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