India Shocking Moral Policing: A Group of Girls Target by a Middle-aged Woman...

Shocking Moral Policing: A Group of Girls Target by a Middle-aged Woman Over Their Short Dresses Says it Encourage Rapes

In a shocking instance of moral policing in Gurugram, India a middle-aged woman targeted a group of girls for their choice of wearing short clothes. The incident happened earlier in a day. A video made by the girls is now doing the rounds on the internet. It all happened in an all where this lady reached for shopping and noticed a group of girls wearing shorts and then she started pointing her fingers on them.

You can watch the video here:

The lady said that wearing short clothes encourage rapes. Raged by these remarks, the girls demanded an apology from her. The video shows that she refused to talk to them and asked the store staff to call the police. The lady later surrounded by other people in the store who ask her if children and senior citizens get raped because of their clothes.

These girls put this video on Facebook and their post was shared by more than 1,600 people and was viewed by 1,200 people. More than 2,000 people commented on the video.

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