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Trending Girls These 10 Things About Vagina You Must Know

Girls These 10 Things About Vagina You Must Know

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There are unbelievably too many myths about a woman’s genital area which we tend to believe. The reason? We’re all too shy to discuss about something which is as normal a body partor organ as any other. Half-knowledge is worse and hurts more and so wemust vehemently make efforts to know our body and learn to love it without shame! So, girls these 10 things about Vagina you must know Now to realiseearly symptoms of infections and not worry unnecessarily when everything is just fine!

1. Vaginal Odour is something absolutely Normal

Women have a scent of their own and every woman has a different or unique scent which may seem ‘off’ sometimes but it could be due to sweat or any other reason. Even though You can smell it, people around you can’t but under any circumstance should you feel that its strong, get yourself checked by a Gynaecologist.


2. There is nothing wrong in having a little Hair down there. Its all your choice!

Pubic hair is something people have much varied opinions and advices on. However, having or totally removing hair down there is a completely cosmetic decision but you must carefully choose methods of getting it removed.

3. White Fluid Discharge is Normal

We all tend to get worried about the post periods whie fluid discharge even though it is completely normal. Vagina is a self cleansing organ and the fluid discharge is a part of the same process. As long as your discharge is clear or white and paste-like, you’ve got nothing to worry about.



4. Few types of Discharge may even Signal Infections

If ever your vaginal discharge causes irritation or is clumpy and greyish or yellowish with greenish hue then it is best for you to get yourself checked for any infections. Even regular spotting before periods can indicate problems.

5. Dryness in Vagina is a common problem and can be treated.

Vaginal dryness is a common problem and most women are embarrassed and shy about it but it can be due to hormonal changes, stress or dip in oestrogen level. It obviously causes pain during intercourse due to lack of lubrication. But it can be cured with medication and restoring natural vaginal environment.

6. Clitoris feeling Sore is not Normal.

We always want more fun around that ‘part’ but over stimulation of Clitoris due to sex or masturbation can cause your clit feeling sore with pain while crossing legs or even wearing tight jeans. In such a case professional help must be seeked.


7. Vagina being “Tight” or “Loose” is actually just a myth.

Belief mostly passes on as knowledge and especially in case of sexual pleasures. One such common belief is a woman’s Vagina being tight before having sex and loose soon after BUT Its not true. Science says, that during sex vaginalmuscles being highly flexible naturally tighten and loosen up without permanently effecting the size of the vaginal canal.

8. Vaginas can be of Different Shapes or Colors.

Most of the women get terrified at first after watching porn as their labia might not resemble the pornstars’. But its actually quite normal to have a different vaginal shape or color as its all about genetics but the functions performed are all the same.

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9. Burning, Itching or Bleeding in external Genitals should be checked.

If there are any signs of burning, itching or bleeding can be signs of disease. Even discoloration of your external genitals should be checked.

10. Women ejaculate during sex too!

The sensation of urge to pee during sex is probably that you held back your ejaculation. Though its alot rarer but its quite normal and gives alot of pleasure. So the next time dont hold back your love fluids and let them flow.

That’s all that we have for now that you must know.. 🙂

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