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Girls Turn Your Bra Issues Into This Traditional Bra Humour

How can we forget the days when Traditional Lingerie stores were a cumulative of various different items and shopkeepers would ask you things from the type of bra to the size and color and God Forbids if you ever asked them stuff like, Do you have the Lacey ones?

Even thought the times have now changed as there are sections in the malls where you can privately pick up lingerie to try them and just get the damn devils billed at the counter, there still exist the traditional Lingerie shops! Oh yes Very much!

Watch Neeti Palta giving you a dose of Traditional Lingerie or Bra humour.. 

Now you’ve got to be lying if you say that you’ve never been in such a situation at a traditional ‘Lingerie’ Shop! It’s time we let go of those moments as embarrasing and had a laugh at the same! Good to be a girl!

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