News Technology Github Launches Its Own Marketplace for Developers

Github Launches Its Own Marketplace for Developers

GitHub is one of most popular Source code management platform used by the developers. Now to help developers to code easily, GitHub launches its own Marketplace so that developers can find the right tools to improve their existing workflows.

In a blog company announced, ” GitHub Marketplace is a new way to discover and purchase tools that extend your workflow. Find apps to use across your development process, from continuous integration to project management and code review.” 

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GitHub Marketplace

The market place will have five different categories like code quality, code review, continuous integration, monitoring and project management. The market place will feature many popular apps likes Travis CI, Sentry and Waffle.

GitHub also  assures the it will add more apps to the market place soon and will also allow member developers to upload their own apps .

GitHub also posted a promotional video on YouTube to market GitHub Marketplace:

Click to this page to check out the all-new features on GitHub Marketplace.

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