Nick Jonas Birthday: Checkout Priyanka’s Bombarding Captions For Him

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently posted some adorable photos with the fantastic caption for her hubby. Check them out.
High Life Nature Never Stops Leaving Humans Wonder, Experience The Glowing Forest Of Japan

Nature Never Stops Leaving Humans Wonder, Experience The Glowing Forest Of Japan

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There is an enchanted forest in Shikoku, Japan where glowing mushrooms create a fantasy-like ambiance for a short period of time every year. These bioluminescence mushrooms emerge during the rainy season in the forests of Japan.

Around 10 varieties of luminescent mushroom are believed to grow in Japan, and many more exist in other parts of the world.

Each rainy season in Japan — which, roughly speaking, comes in June — these otherworldly fungi sprout from rotting wood on the forest floor and attract hundreds of visitors from around the country. Like fireflies, luminescent squid, and other so-called bioluminescent organisms, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms contain an enzyme known as luciferese. When luciferese is oxidized (i.e. comes in contact with oxygen), it emits energy in the form of light, which causes organisms containing it to glow.

glowing forest japan
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Why a mushroom would want to glow in the dark ?

What’s the advantage of being your own biological night light?A team of Brazilian and U.S. researchers writing in the journal Current Biology, say they know why: it’s a form of advertising.

japan glowing forest

The bioluminescent glow is like a neon advertising sign; in the case of mushrooms, it’s meant to attract insects that can then spread the mushrooms’ spores and allow them to reproduce and spread.

Woow, nature never stops from making humans wonder !

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