News Technology Gmail Scam: Beware Users! You Might Be The Victim Unknowingly

Gmail Scam: Beware Users! You Might Be The Victim Unknowingly

We all use Google and its messenger Gmail often, if you are also one of us then you should be aware of a new phishing scam that is fooling even some of the maestro technical users.

According to the recent reports revealed by security expert Mark Maunder, the CEO of a WordPress security plugin named Wordfence, you will get an email by the hacker that consists an attachment.

When you click on it, you are directed to a page that exactly looks like a Gmail login page, according to Fox 59. But let us warn you it’s fake. If you enter your email and password on that Sign-Up/Sign-In page hacker will be able to access your credentials and get complete access to your emails.

If you think you can avoid the email and can easily eradicate the risk then you are wrong. This email looks like it comes from one of your contacts. Its subject line looks so relevant that easily make you caught in the net.

The hackers, who can access your contact list can easily rename the attachment to something that appears true. Once your account is hacked, scammers will use your contacts to send more emails in attempts to acquire new login credentials.

The URL that redirects you to log in your Google account looks so original that you can’t find the difference and get trapped. See the difference by yourself:

In order to take an action against it, you should enable two-factor authentication, that gives you an extra layer of security. As long as the scammers have access to your phone, they won’t get the access code and your account remains safe.

This is what Google responses about the phishing scam:

“We’re aware of this issue and continue to strengthen our defenses against it. We help protect users from phishing attacks in a variety of ways, including machine learning-based detection of phishing messages, Safe Browsing warnings that notify users of dangerous links in emails and browsers, preventing suspicious account sign-ins, and more. Users can also activate two-step verification for additional account protection.”

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