Godzilla vs Kong

Friday was good news for Godzilla vs. Kong . The fourth MonsterVerse film from Legendary Entertainment turned out to be a success at the Chinese cinema box office and now it becomes clear that many more millions have been collected.

In China, Godzilla vs. Kong by director Adam Wingard, according to Deadline, raised over 70 million dollars in the first weekend, and that is more than the score of Godzilla: King of the Monsters . In 2019, that movie opened with $ 66 million in China.

$ 122 million worldwide for Godzilla vs. Kong
In the rest of the world, another tens of million dollars were raised, bringing the total score in the debut weekend to about 121.8 million dollars. Some 6.3 million dollars were raised in both Mexico and Australia and about 5.8 million dollars in Russia.

In the United States, Godzilla vs. Kong premieres next Wednesday, so many millions more from the States should follow next weekend. By the way, the film will be released online immediately, on HBO Max.

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