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Good Or Bad Carbs? What You Eat In Your Daily Life Can Affect Your Health

Good Or Bad Carbs? What You Eat In Your Daily Life Can Affect Your Health


There are two main types of carbs, Good and bad. Do you always wonder what is a carb? Carbohydrates are the sugars, starches, and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables and milk products. Though less importance is given to Carbs but they are  also a food group with specifications.


A Utah-based registered dietitian, Paige Smathers define Carbs as “Carbohydrates are macronutrients, meaning they are one of the three main ways the body obtains energy or calories.” The American Diabetes Association notes that carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. They are called carbohydrates because, at the chemical level, they contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.


Macronutrients are essential for proper body functioning, and the body requires large amounts of them. All macronutrients must be obtained through diet; the body cannot produce macronutrients on its own. according to the National Institutes of Health, The recommended daily amount (RDA) of carbs for adults is 135 grams.

What is the function of Carbohydrates?

They provide fuel for the nervous system,

They provide energy for working muscles,

They enable fat metabolism,


They prevent  protein from getting used as an energy source,

Thay are also important for brain functioning.

What are good carbs?

Carbs which are usually known as good are basically complex carbohydrates. Such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables,  beans etc. We have made a whole list of good carbs and these are as following :

Low or moderate in sugar,

High in nutrients,

Not having refined sugar,


Low in sodium,

Very low in cholesterol.

What are bad carbs?

Bad carbs rarely have any nutritional value. According to Healthy Geezer Fred Cicetti, carbs that are commonly considered bad include pastries, sodas, highly processed foods, white rice, white bread and other white flour foods. Bad carbs have the following characteristics.

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High in calories,

They are filled with refined sugar, like white sugar, honey,  and fruit juices,


Low in nutrients,

Low in fiber,

Can be high in saturated fats.

We hope that now you know which are bad and good carbs. And now you can easily differentiate between them. Basically, maximum fast food is full of bad carbs this is why eating junk food daily is not good for your health. Good carbs are commonly vegetables and fruits.

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