PM Narendra Modi’s birthday was the highlight of yesterday loterally everywhere. Even his Twitter handle went on to have a balloon themed page especially for PM’s Birthday where his biggest political opponenets such as Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal greeted him with wishes. However, Google celebrated MF Husian’s Birthday over PM Narendra Modi’s with this doodle..


Now, you just can’t ignore the stylishly clad Indian PM, Google! Really How could you?

Though Google is known for its artistically brilliant doodles most of the times but come on you even missed the most energetic and enthusiasm filled festival of India, Ganesh Chaturthi!


Commemorating MF Hussain on his 100th birthday (if the poor soul were still alive, though)  for his nude art paintings of indian gods and goddesses? Now that was quite a low! But since our lives will just be scattered into pieces on the floor without Google Baba can’t stay mad for long now can we?


However, Modiji definitely called it a day wondering Why didn’t Google remember his Birthday? Especially now when our own Indian lad Sundar Pichai is riding the Chariot!

Think all you can Mr. PM but not about this!

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