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News Google Doodle on Ferdianand Monoyer, 5 Things You Need To Know About...

Google Doodle on Ferdianand Monoyer, 5 Things You Need To Know About Him

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Google, the very famous search engine is celebrating the birthday of Ferdinand Monoyer, the man who invented the diopter (a unit of measuring optical power) with an animated doodle. He is also best known for creating or developing the Monoyer chart. Google’s Doodle features a pair of brown and blue eyes. Here are 5 things you need to know about him:

Monoyer was an Ophthalmologist

Nowadays, there are many different eye care professionals. Monoyer was an Ophthalmologist, which is different from optician or optometrist.

Inventor of Diopter

In 1872, Monoyer invented the dioptre, the unit of measurement for the optical power of a lens.

He Hide His Name In the Famous Monoyer Vision Test

Interestingly, he hides his name on either side of the Monoyer chart. According to the Heavy, the first letter of each line, from the second row through the sixth, spells out his last name. The last letter from each line, beginning at the second through the 10th line, spells out his first name.

Source: The Indian Express

Monoyer’s Father

Monoyer was 5 years old when his father who was a military doctor died.

Monoyer Died At The Age Of 76

Monoyer died on July 13, 1912. The President of the Société nationale de Médecine de Lyon said: “To the memory of this scholar, the Medical Society bows with respect and sadness; she has lost a friend who was also her counselor who knew to think and to reflect.”

In a tribute to Ferdianand Monoyer, Google Wrote, Monoyer was known to change the font of a particular letter if it didn’t suit him; after all, if if you’re going to judge a person’s vision by it, that letter had better be as legible as possible!

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