News Google Employees Rally Against President Donald Trump's Immigration Ban

Google Employees Rally Against President Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

More than two thousand of Google employees rallied and protested on Monday over President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, revealing increasing tension between the technology industry and new administration in the White House.

Across several offices of Google – Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters, employees participated in the protests. Company’s CEO Sundar Pichai and co-Founder Sergey Brin, both being immigrants, spoke to the crowd over President Trump’s executive order on immigration and how it has affected number of Google employees.

The order, which was signed on Friday, has been criticized by many tech companies. In an email to the staff, Pichai said the US ban on foreign nationals from seven Muslin-majority countries has potentially affected at least 187 Google employees. Google asked those employees overseas to return immediately, pledging to help with the logistics and expenses.

To the assembled employees on Monday, Pichai said that the issue is “at the core of the founding of this company,” according to a Google employee present at the protest. “We spent two hours this morning talking about all of this. There is large work that remains to be done.” Co- Founder Sergey Brin talked about his refugee past, how he immigrated to the US.

The interference comes at a delicate time for Google. Having close ties to the Obama Administration in the past, Google is determining its broader policy approach to Trump on numerous issues, including net neutrality, taxes and competition law.

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