News Technology Google Fixed 'Links to Your Site' Bug In Google Search Console

Google Fixed ‘Links to Your Site’ Bug In Google Search Console

April 7,2017 on wards Google search console suddenly stopped showing Baclinks data and internal links data in the console for many websites. Many webmasters got panic on this in fear of loosing ranking in the search results.

Here is a screen shot of the reporting glitch:

Google webmaster tools showing "no data available"

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But it was just a reporting glitch at google side. One of the Google Employee John Mueller also replied on product forum “this is a known issue at the moment, and should be resolved in the near future.”

But now google has resolved this bug and webmaster data is being resumed in the Google Search Console.

As reported by  in his blog , these kind of bugs are common in search console and there is no need to worry as they have zero influence on the search rankings.

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