Google is testing ‘Copyless Paste’ feature in Chrome for Android

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Google is testing a new feature in its Chrome Browser for the Android phone called ‘Copyless Paste’ that will enhance the User Experience while surfing the internet. According to Google If someone searched some place or restaurant in the chrome browser and switch to other google apps, the google keyword would offer the name of place of that place as a suggestion to enter in the search bar, theres no need to copy/paste or to write the name of place again and again.

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Chrome Users can enable this feature- ‘Copyless Paste’ in chrome://flags in Chrome Canary for Android. 

As per Google, Data will be stored locally on the device and never sent to the Google Servers to protect the user privacy. But this feature is little buggy now and its in its beta version and may not work on all the devices having new version of Android.

According to Reports on tech sites, Google is working on this feature since February and The all new cool feature ‘Copyless paste’ will arrive on your phone in coming next months.