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News Technology Google Search Bar Tricks That 96% of People Don't Know About

Google Search Bar Tricks That 96% of People Don’t Know About

Useful Google Search Bar Tricks

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Google search bar tricks are not known by everybody, in fact, only the professionals or techie people know about it who are very less in the majority! Today human beings have become so modern and up to date that we search everything on the internet from what should I wear to how to lose weight!! We search it on the “Google”. Well, some people do not know how to search on google about a specific thing in detail. It’s totally okay! As these things are not taught in school or colleges. This is the moment we come to your rescue. So, today we are going to tell you as to how can you search on google, in short, we are going to teach you some google search bar tricks.

Google search bar trick number one : Either this or that

Sometimes what happens is that we forget the name or the surname of a person, celebrity or even a brand and we miswrite it to which results are fatal. But this is not a huge crisis see what you can do is simply type down your different options. For example: When searching Varun Dhawan you can simply search like this “Varun Dhawan or Varun Kapoor.” This will make searching a lot more easy for you.


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Google search bar trick number two : Searching using synonyms

You can use synonyms while searching this can prove to be very convenient when doing research online. Especially when you want to find a website which writes on that particular subject.


For example, if you search for the term “healthy ~food” you will get results about the principles of healthy eating, cooking recipes, as well as healthy dining options.

Google search bar trick number three : Searching within websites

Sometimes you read an article and want to share that article with your friend or simply read it yourself, to get fast results what you can do is to search within the website. To do this, type the address of the site, then a keyword or entire phrase from the article, and it should come up immediately!


Google search bar trick number four : The power of the asterisk

When you cannot recall that one particular keyword, word or even a number in order to find what you want to know. You can use this powerful and very useful symbol “*”. Just use this in the place of the word/phrase you cannot remember, and the results should be in front of you.


Google search bar trick number five : When lots of words are missing

If you cannot remember the half of the phrase or sentence you can simply write “AROUND + (the approximate number of missing words)“ between them. For example, “Haan Mujhe AROUND (5) Miya.”


Google search bar trick number six : Using a time frame

Sometimes we need to search  events that occurred during a certain period of time. To do so you can add a time frame to your search queries with the help of the three dots between the dates.


Google search bar trick number seven : Searching for a title or URL

When you want the keywords and name of an article, type “intitle:”,  before the search term, without any spaces between them. In order to find the words from a URL, use ”inurl:”.


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Google search bar trick number eight : Finding similar websites

if you have found something you really like online and you want to find similar websites,  type in “related:” and then the address of the site, again without a space between them.


Google search bar trick number nine : Whole phrases

Framing the search term within quotation marks is the simplest  way to find something specific and in the exact, order you typed it in.
For example, if you type in the words mehnat karne walon ki haar nahi hoti without quotation marks, the search engine will show the results where these words appear in any order on a website, as opposed to the specific order in which you typed them.


If, on the other hand, you type “mehnat karne walon ki haar nahi hoti” within quotation marks, you’ll get only those results where these words appear only in the order you typed them in. This is a great way to find the lyrics to a song when you only know one line from it.

Now, you can do your easy search on Google anytime you need.

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