Google To Provide Free Wifi Across 400 Indian Railway Station
Google and Indian Railways will team up to provide free lightening fast wifi hotspots across 400 railway stations in India.

Secunderabad Railway Station has Free Wifi Source: Google

Google fibre, the supreme project of google that provides brliiantly fast broadband internet across US has now partnered with India in a project named ‘Project Nilgiri’ that will result in accessiblity of wifi internet connections across 400 railway stations in india.

Nilgiri Project will provide Free Wifi

The authorities till now have disclosed that WiFi connectivity will be made available to passengers for free after mobile number verification through a one-time password (OTP) sent via SMS. The first 30 min will let you experience fast internet speed fter which the speed will be reduced but the connectivity shall continue.

Source: Google

Project Nilgiri might also be extended to prviding internet in moving trains as well using the Railtel technology. For now this service is only available in some trains such as the Rajdhani express using satellite communication technology.

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