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High Life Gotta Believe Joey Was The Smartest Guy In FRIENDS

Gotta Believe Joey Was The Smartest Guy In FRIENDS

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Joey Tribbiani was the most hilarious character of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, yes we all know that but he was also the most spectacularly special of all too. He was undoubdetdly the most Good-looking who could knock down any woman with his charms especially with his signature “How ya Doin?” Though the charmer sometimes acted like a Man-child but if you look closely you gotta believe Joey was the smartest guy in FRIENDS.

That Time when Joey Explained Phoebe how every Help had something Selfish behind it.


when Ross Gets called Hottie by a student in an evaluation.

joey2(1) joey2(2) joey2(3) joey2(4) joey2(5) joey2(6)


And Of course, Chandler couldn’t resist.

joey2(8) - Copy

And Joey Was bang on Right about this too…


When Ross accidentally breaks the knob to turn down heat and they have a tropical Christmas Party..



And boom! Enters Joey…

And When Ross and Joey gets stuck on the Roof…

joey6(1) joey6(2) joey6(3)

Joey saves the day..


When Ross and Rachel tell everyone that they are going to have a baby..

joey7(1) joey7(2) joey7(3) joey7(4)

Oh Yeah! You Heard It..


He made more sense than we ever noticed..


The ultimate Swagger..


Saving the Best For the last.. When Ross and Joey are off to Barbados..


There you are! Who’s the Boss now? 😉

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