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News Confirmed Government Covered Up Cell Phones Cancer Risk For Years

Confirmed Government Covered Up Cell Phones Cancer Risk For Years

People are concerned that cell phones (also known as “mobile” or “wireless” telephones) might have the potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems. According to The Free Thought Project, the California Department of Public Health officials have finally released a draft document indicating health concerns originating from cell phones radiations-including cancers and infertility.

Cell Phones Cancer Risk
Source: Why We Web

Joel Moskowitz of U.C. Berkeley’s School of Public Health said: “We have evidence of brain tumours and other head and neck tumours. We also have evidence of sperm damage in males, infertility in females.” In 2016, Joel has sued the state under the California Public Records Act to obtain the information.

Moskowitz further added: “There’s been a lot of pressure from the cell phones industry to keep the reports hidden from the public.” California Department of Public Health’s Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control states, “Like other electronic devices, Cellphones are also emitting energy known as radiofrequency EMFs (electromagnetic fields).”

Cell Phones Cancer risk

The long-term cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer. According to the studies, “Most of the cancers were on the same side of the head where people usually held their phones. Some studies have also linked exposure to EMFs from cell phones to fertility problems.”

The number of cell phone calls per day, the length of each call, and the amount of time people use cell phones have increased. However, improvements in cell phone technology have resulted in devices that have lower power outputs than earlier models.

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