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Govt Employee Caught Watching Movie At Work Red Handed By Deputy CM Manish Sisodia




Every Indian knows the pain of getting a bureaucratic work done. Dealing with government employees at offices can be a real pain in the ass. We Indians are sure of the fact that for minimum a couple of hours is sure to burn just for the sake of passing a file from one desk to another. For long works it could even take days. And getting in a verbal banter with a government employee who is just slowing up things will cost you additional time. For government employees, the government is their ‘Sasoor’ and their office is like their ‘Sasooraal’. They are the king of the place.

But days in sasooral also ends and the same happened with this government employee in Delhi who was caught watching movie in his official desk red handed by Deputy CM Manish Sisodia while there was a long queue waiting outside to get their work done.

See, life is all about Karma. Though at times late, you will definitely get what you deserve. I felt relieved. What a sight !

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