BoycottNetflix Trends On Twitter: Krishna and His Leela Film Accused

Tamil Film Krishna and his Leela is trending on twitter. Because of hurting Hindu sentiment, and showcasing the Hypersexual content.
World This Famous Actress Donates 60% of Her Fees to Poors, Her Fans...

This Famous Actress Donates 60% of Her Fees to Poors, Her Fans Are Mad After Her Hottest Figure

Today we will tell you about an actress who has millions of fans all over the world who are mad after her hottest figure. Well, to let you, this actress doesn’t belong to Bollywood. She is a Hollywood actress whose name is Graciela Montes. Graciela’s hometown is in Los Angeles. Her date of birth is 16th April. She is best known as Fashion and makeup guru, and an ideal business woman. Montes’ belongs to Mexican ethnicity.

She is also a writer and her photos often go viral on the internet. She has an attractive body figure. She is an internet sensation and also runs a Youtube channel. Her photos on Instagram are liked by millions of followers all around the world.

Graciela Montes is not beautiful but she has a heart full of compassion. She runs an organization that helps poor children. This organization raises funds for food and studies for poor children.  This actress donates 60% of her total income to this organization. See her hot photos:







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